Why a referral network is the only choice for long term success

Where is Flaney hiding now?

Can you find me?

Wouldn’t it be great to work with like minded people who are open to assist in lead generation?  Here at the Flaney network, we combine an Internet Marketing Strategist for your success.  We call this a group POD.  As a Pod, you are part of an Internet Marketing Strategy and attack plan program.
Yes, you can buy leads, generate them from SEO or PPC, but nothing is better than a referral lead. Nothing!  If this is the case, then why not build a referral network?

Introducing the Flaney Network.  The Flaney Network is a collaboration of real estate brokers, mortgage professionals, and other home closing teams.  The network works in a collaboration style format.  Each Pod member has a specific duty.  If the lead needs qualifying, the MLO would be glad to assist.  Vice versa, if the MLO has a client who wants to buy a home, you as an agent for example, can be ready straightaway.

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