Where will Flaney hide next?

First, Flaney doesn’t bite but loves to hide!  When he hides, he always seems to search hi and low for the best real estate deal.  Flaney’s mantra is to see people join in like-mind to help one other in cooperative Internet lead generation and the conversion process.

Why not help and work as a team to help homeowners’ to sell or buy their next home?  We LOVE cooperative marketing.  We help you find your cooperative business partners!

The Flaney Network is designed to help you, the Broker, Agent, Mortgage Agent, or anyone else for that matter to co-brand and high-touch a client with important information needed at time of home purchase.   Intelligent drip campaigning the client is truly an art form.

You know they say there is a fine line between sending spam and giving information.  Make sure ALL your emails are content filled and opened!

Receive an Alert When Flaney is out of hiding!

If you can find Flaney, you will receive $50.00 toward your charity of choice. Flaney believes in giving back.

Last time seen! San Clemente, Ca.